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Students And Credit Ratings

by Jonathan on March 21, 2015


The one thing that college students rarely think of is a credit score. There are very few students who actually care about that, and some of them don’t even realize that they actually have one. But the scary thing is that the decisions that they make during their time at college can affect their credit rating and hence their entire lives negatively.

Something that should be done immediately is teaching students about the importance of a good credit rating. However, the day that this is done officially is still far far away.

So why is a credit rating important?

Controls your future credit situation

For a college student, there are many factors that affect their ratings. However, the most important factor is usually the ability to repay loans on time. This is usually known as credit history and can actually comprise of more than a quarter of credit score calculations. Unfortunately, this is the factor that most students fall foul off.

Why is this the case? It’s because most students don’t follow up on their financial obligations. When they want to buy something, they get a student loan and then don’t follow up and be certain that all their payments are being made on time. Some people even forget about these obligations!

Why do you need a good credit score?

It’s becoming more and more necessary to get a better credit score. If you want good rates on anything on credit, you need a good score. Of course, there are still businesses like credit catalogues which offer you ‘buy now pay later’ catalogues for people who have bad credit, but they usually have higher rates.

So where is your credit score important?

When you’re renting an apartment. Landlords usually check your credit because they see it as an indicator of responsibility. If you don’t have good credit, you’ll also have to pay a large deposit when buying a cell phone.

Some government jobs also require you to have good credit if they involve a security clearance. High-level jobs in other companies will also require excellent credit ratings.

In fact, your credit score can be of use to you as soon as you graduate. Refinancing your student loans using a private lender is not a bad idea, and you’ll require an excellent credit score if you want to get good rates. If you have a low credit score, it may cost you as much as a hundred dollars a months due to higher rates.

What can I do?

As a college student, the most important thing you can do about your credit score is to follow up regularly and to keep very particular accounts. There are a lot of tools on the internet that can be used for keeping personal finances in order, and students should use them. Simply keeping proper accounts makes it much less likely that you will forget paying important bills.

And there are also numerous tools that can help with credit specifically. Credit Karma is a tool that gives you a free copy of your credit score. It also shows you your entire credit profile and the things that you can do to solve any potential problems. If you don’t want all that information, you can just look for a website that gives you only your report. It would be better for you if you found one operated by the government since that will give you an official report.

If you are a college student, then you need to act immediately to preserve your credit rating. Doing so will prevent a lot of potential problems for you later on in life!

Caffeine Addiction and College Students

by Jonathan on February 27, 2015


College. It’s where people go to learn, mature and… develop lifelong addictions?

Caffeine addiction is nothing new in colleges. Tea, coffee, and coke all contain caffeine and are all drinks that our young minds are getting hooked to. With the proliferation of personal French press coffee makers, coffee is becoming a staple of some students’ diets!

Caffeine dependence is fast becoming an issue that we need to address.

An addiction is defined as any habit that causes trauma when it is stopped. And in caffeine’s case, a lot of students absolutely require caffeine if they are to function. If they don’t have their morning coffee or mid-day coke, they suffer withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, dizziness, loss of concentration are all withdrawal symptoms that can potentially be caused by caffeine.

When people talk about addiction, caffeine isn’t even considered most of the time. But the unnoticed things are usually the most dangerous because you won’t have prepared for them. A simple search on the Internet will give you hundreds of articles about students needing coffee to function. Some websites even jokingly refer to coffee as the ‘college kid’s crack’. As much as those websites are just joking, the truth is not so different.

Coffee Crazed Young Man

One student said that the only thing that motivates him to wake up and face the day was coffee. This seems to be a clear sign that students need to think about their caffeine habits.

As the old saying goes, too much of anything is dangerous. And caffeine is no different. When you take caffeine, you get a burst of short-term energy. When the burst dies down, however, you’ll crash and burn and start craving more coffee. When you take your first sip, your neuron activity goes up and your brain starts functioning at a much higher level.

After the initial energy is drained, students start feeling tired, dehydrated, restless and irritable. Every time you feel this, you go looking for more coffee, but each time the crash worsens. It’s an endless cycle of craving and craving, and in this way it closely resembles the effects of the so-called ‘hard drugs’.

And caffeine addiction doesn’t only cause headaches and restlessness. Some researchers recently found that consuming large amounts of coffee can cause serious long-term problems like high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, stomach ulcers, and an increased heart rate.

Students often use coffee to stay awake when they pull all-nighters; when they need to complete their homework or are staying up all night cramming for a test. And while it may be tempting to stay awake using coffee, you should remember that it’s not good to develop an addiction of any kind.  It’s okay if you just use coffee once in a while, but it shouldn’t become a habit to reach for a cup of coffee.

You need to ask yourself some serious questions, and the first of those is: is that ‘A’ really worth health problems in the future? Make your choice wisely; your future quite literally depends on it.

How to Get Free Music on Your Smartphone

by Jonathan on February 21, 2015


Most people just get music by downloading from the official retailers and paying them. Songs are not that costly, but when you’re looking to but hundreds of songs, the costs add up really fast. So what do you do if you want to download music for your smartphone? As long as you don’t mind seeing a few ads, we’ve got the perfect methods for you. Here’s the guide.

  1. Use popular music downloading websites

This is what most people do. They look for websites that offer them free music downloads and they get the music that they want. Finding such websites isn’t hard at all; a simple Google search will get you what you want.

Of course, when you’re using such websites, you have to worry about quality. Unfortunately, some of these websites offer very poor quality songs that you won’t even like to listen to. It might also be a bit hard to find particular versions of the songs that you’re looking for. Remixes and mashups that are not extremely popular will be hard to find.

  1. Find an app

If you’re using Android or iOS, there’s no dearth of apps that can help you search for and download specific songs. However, the problems with downloading from websites also apply when you’re using apps.

It’s really hard to look for good apps that are completely functional and also free. And if you get a new device, you’ll have to download the app again. This seems to be a huge bother.

  1. Download on a computer and transfer files

Currently, many people do this. They download applications for their computers (which are easier to find than apps) and use those applications to download the music they want. Then they connect their phone to the computer and copy the files. It’s a long, tiring and time-consuming method to use, and it also has a lot of limitations.

  1. Use a YouTube to MP3 conversion website

This seems to be the best and fastest method to use right now. Since YouTube already has most if not all of the remixes, mashups, and tracks that you might want, it acts as a giant repository from which you can download MP3 files.

The newer conversion websites, like MP3syoutube, are all responsive. This means that you can access the website from any device you want and it will continue to remain functional.

This method does not have many of the flaws that are present in the methods above. You can actually confirm that the track you are downloading is the correct one before you download it. You can check its quality. Best of all, you don’t have to download anything extra. Just paste the URL of the video you want to download to the website and click the search button. The website will give you a link that you can use to download your MP3. It’s quick and easy to use, but you’ll have to put up with ads unless you’re willing to pay a premium fee.


Regardless of whichever way you use, you have to be careful. Copyright laws can be very harsh, and even if you download a certain song, don’t distribute it. In most cases, downloads from the Internet are excused as long as they are used only by individuals.


Why do people ask for the meaning of love?

by Admin on February 11, 2015

what is love

Whenever people ask what love is, it’s mostly because of two reasons. Either you’re uncertain whether a special person in your life loves you, or you’re unsure whether you love them.

But such questions are only asked when something goes wrong. If everything is going properly, if love is truly being received and given, nobody will ask that question. When something goes wrong is when we start analyzing things like love, which are actually emotional and abstract and can never truly be understood.

So, if you’re asking what live is, you’re probably feeling a bit unloved or you’re worried that someone else feels unloved by you.

Even though it’s impossible to answer, let’s try and answer the question.

‘Do I Love’ vs. ‘Am I Loved’

If you’re wondering what love is, you’re probably asking one of two questions. ‘Do I love?’ or ‘Am I loved?’

It’s much easier to answer the second question so we can understand love. When someone loves us, we feel it in our heart. But what actually happens is that we tend to notice what the other person is doing (on a subconscious level) and interpret those actions as love. Our brain gets information from the sensory organs, and then we feel happy. We’re being loved!

In fact, some people argue that love isn’t abstract. It’s concrete and tangible. You can see that love.

By extension, love is action.

If love is just a series of actions, then you can compress everything into that statement: love is action. Theoretically, you can love someone without showing it at all, but it doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t showing it.

Asking what love is is like asking what running it. It’s almost impossible to explain using words, but when you actually see it, you know exactly what’s happening. So logically, love is no concept. It’s an action.

If love is to be true and real, it needs to be shown. Loving is giving your heart to someone, and you can only do that by expressing the feelings. If you love someone, you have to show it. On the other side of the coin, if someone loves you, then practically, it will be visible.

But emotions aren’t precisely definable. Humans don’t operate along precise lines. There’s nothing black or white in us; only shades of grey. There are many emotions that can be mistaken for love. Like can be mistaken for love. Obsession can be mistaken for love. In fact, some people go so far as too try and do love spells so that they can get the perfect partner.

So how does one become certain what love is? That’s a question that has been asked for thousands of years, and nobody has been able to answer it. And that’s the beauty of it. Love is a leap where you can’t see the bottom and you don’t know whether you have a parachute. If you make the leap, you’ll either plummet to the earth and be dashed to pieces, or you’ll unfold wings you never knew you had and soar the heights.

Vical’s Clinical Testing for Therapeutic HSV-2 Vaccine in Full Swing

by Admin on February 8, 2015

Vical is biopharmaceutical giant that specializes in developing new age treatment for life impacting chronic diseases. It has contributions in some path breaking discoveries in the medical world that has helped patients to recover from conditions which they thought would never be cured. Currently they are working on a cure for Herpes. Vical also collaborates with major biotechnology companies across the globe to jointly work towards a solution for the unresolved and widely occurring health issues.

Recently Vical came in the news due to the completion of enrollment for their phase 1/2 clinical trial of HSV-2 vaccine. The vaccine has therapeutic value and will help several patients suffering from genital herpes. There are certain risks and uncertainties about Vical’s technology which has got attention from the press. Whether the clinical results would be safe enough to be taken forward into the development of a commercial vaccine remains to be seen. It could be said that it has immense potential and gives hope to a huge number of sufferers.

virus herpes

In the phase 1/2 trial, 165 people have enrolled voluntarily from different parts of USA. All of them are healthy individuals infected with HSV-2 and range in age from 18 to 50. Vical announced that they have been successful in launching the trial phase in which they would conduct extensive research on the effects and side effects of Vaxfectin formulated vaccine. This vaccine is therapeutic in nature and would target to suppress herpes simplex virus of type 2. HSV-2 is the primary cause behind genital herpes, a contagious disease that spreads rapidly through sexual contact.

The trial would be a randomized, placebo controlled and double blind in nature and would be conducted to find out about the safety, effectiveness and longevity of the vaccines. There would two types of vaccines which are going under observation; the first will try to fight with glycoprotein D only while the second one will be armed with complex protein UL46. The study is expected to show at least a 30% reduction in the viral infection within a short time. Vical has claimed that every thing is going as per the planned schedule and the scientists are pretty thrilled about the findings. They are expected to release the efficacy results by the middle of 2015.

Dr Larry Smith said that he is very pleased with the progress and this phase 1/2 is a big achievement for Vical. He is the vice president of Vical’s Vaccine Research Department. He is hopeful that by the end of this trial they will be closer to launching a product that helps in reducing viral shedding and arresting lesions due to genital herpes.

The doctors are awaiting the results with a lot of anticipation as success would mean good news for a large number of chronic sufferers. Currently the genital herpes patients need to stay on anti viral treatment for their entire life and there is no permanent cure available. HSV-2 infections are pretty common and it is very risky because it also increases the risk of HIV-1 transmission from an infected partner.

The Importance of Auction Statistics in Formulating QuiBids Strategies

by Admin on February 5, 2015

QuiBids strategy is very important, but the best strategies are those that are uniquely thought out. There’s a lot of information you can get on the website, but just taking it is for amateurs. Experienced bidders usually take it and make strategies using the data.

Nowadays, you can find nine statistical sets at the end of all product and auction pages. However, it is important to note that statistics usually only show a part of the bigger picture. Today we shall check out all the categories and discuss what they are all about.

Here’s an example of the categories:

quibid recent winners

Bidder Name

Experienced bidders will know user reputations and be able to know which auctions to avoid based on that. New users of the site can also be helped by this information since if they see a person who has won the products before they should probably steer clear of that auction.

Auction ID

If you click on this “statistic”, you can go through the Bidding History- the 9 final bids. You can also see whether the bidders were making use of the Bid-O-Matic.


This is very, very important. Features show all the special features- if there were any- that were put in place during the previous auction. You can check whether Bid-O-Matic usage was allowed, if the Gameplay feature was used and if the auction was a Speed Auction.

Any of these features are likely to influence your bidding strategy. Some auctions have features that make them more viable than others.

End Price

Going through this statistic will be a way to know whether the product is something that you can afford to spend the time and money on. Actually, most of the things on Quibids can be in your preferred price range, but knowing the end prices will give you a good approximation of the time and bids you may spend to win the auction.

Bids Spent

Depending on what type of bids a bidder is using, the figures in this column will be different. Sometimes it may be possible for you to spend just a little cash and a ton of Voucher Bids to win the auction. Looking at this column will give you an estimate of how much time you may have to spend on an auction. Remember, 1000 voucher bids are relatively cheap, but it will take loads of time to place that many in an auction.

Total Paid

Bids Spent doesn’t really differentiate between Voucher Bids and Real Bids, and Savings doesn’t take shipping fees into accounts but shows a percentile value. This is why this column is the closest estimate of what winning the auction may cost you.

You can use this column to check out how much you might have to pay in a worst case scenario.


Unfortunately, Savings doesn’t count shipping fees as part of the cost (which, by the way, are no longer applicable for customers in the US). This doesn’t mean that this column is useless, however. It’s pretty uplifting to find out that you have saved more than 90% of the retail price of an item, and you can actually see how well you’ve saved compared to other customers. From there, you can dig around and try to find out the strategies that your superiors use and apply it yourself.

All this is well and good, but there are dozens of other ways that you can use auction statistics when formulating a QuiBids strategy. Be sure to try and find out all those methods and apply them when you are bidding! Before you start bidding, also make sure to read this Quibids Review – Penny Auction Police


Warringah council sets up fund to conserve environmentally important land

by Admin on February 1, 2015

environmental land

Warringah Council has created a trust which will be used to acquire environmentally important land after requests for such a fund from residents. The Mayor, Michael Ragan, commented that residents had been asking the council to purchase such land to stop developers from getting it. However, the organization had no funds specifically for that purpose.

An example of such land being sold was the sale of land near Frenchs Forest by the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council to a developer.

Mayor Regan was not sure about the amount of money that the trust might get, but he said that he hoped that the trust could help to save some sites. He also said that it would increase the speed at which they could buy the land.

The trust was advocated by Conny Harris, who said that developers were usually faster than the council when it came to buying land. According to her, there were many residents who would contribute to the fund since they loved and wanted to protect the environment.

Warringah council actually voted to start the trust in the year 2009. The delay between the voting in and actual implementation of the trust was due to legal complexities. The council had to use $50,000 to set up the trust.

YouTube blocking saga in Pakistan

by Admin on February 1, 2015

pakistan blocking

Three months after the government blocked YouTube in the country, Pakistanis were able to access the popular website briefly on 29th December, 2012. But the site didn’t remain accessible for long. Within hours, the website had been blocked again. There was a storm of contempt for the actions of the Pakistani government, but a concrete reason for the bizarre actions was not provided.

In the first place, YouTube appears to have been blocked in Pakistan because of the 13-minute long short film that caused deaths, protests and countrywide bans on YouTube, since the website failed to remove the short film from its archives.

Hundreds of people took to Twitter expressing outrage at the re-ban and trying to root out its cause. Few, if any, of the Tweeters had positive comments for the government. According to some sources, a reporter for The News contacted Geo News and told the company that restricted material had not been deleted from YouTube. As soon as this news became public, the Pakistani Prime Minister dived into the fracas.

A blogger, Kala Kawa, wrote about the situation and summed it up as a ‘confluence of idiocy’. He had scathing words for the government, as he accused it of trying to exercise too much control over the masses. He also reported on Geo News, which he called stupid as it was boasting about how it was instrumental in the re-ban of YouTube.

The Karachi Post also commented on the issue, pointing out the fact that the Internet has made our world a global village, and censoring content is next to impossible. There are literally hundreds of ways in which censored materials can be accessed in similar forms. Take Piratebay, the torrent site which was shut down for copyright violation. Today, there is a website absolutely similar to the old Piratebay that even offers the same content!

Many people also commented on the ease of unblocking YouTube videos and visiting banned websites using tools found on the Internet. Twitter users also claimed that they would use those methods, and that the government should not try to stop them from accessing websites that they might want to.

Citizens seem to be tired of the censorship of content by their government, but it still remains to be seen whether this new wave of hashtivism will have any effect on the Pakistani government.

Mobile Addiction? How?

by Admin on January 21, 2015

candy crush

A few days ago, I saw someone playing a game named ‘Geometry Dash’, a fun and simple game. Tap your screen and the icon jumps over hazards and spikes. If you hit one of them, you die. Once I played the game for a while, I had an eerie feeling of similarity, and then it hit me that ‘Geometry Dash’ is almost the same game as ‘Flappy Bird’!

I played for a while, but the game didn’t really hook me. This made me think, and I started wondering how mobile games end up hooking so many players, as games like ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Clash of Clans’ have made clear. So how exactly does a game addict someone?

Many people have proposed different ways that this addiction occurs. Personally, I think that there is no universal theory that explains addiction. And before we continue, I would like to make it clear that by addiction I don’t necessarily mean an obsession that causes people to exclude everything else like work and family. By addiction, I just mean that the players devote a lot of their energy and free time to the game.

As I said before, I think that all these games addict people in their own ways. As an example, free-to-play games have limits on what you can do in the game without paying money. These limits can be in the form of time or in-game currency. If players want to beat these limits, they have to pay money.

So where is the addiction in this? Simple! It cuts off your pleasure. It’s like having an awesome console game that you can only play for an hour daily. You will not be able to make a lot of progress because you won’t be able to spend a lot of time doing the in-game tasks that you have to. A lot of free-to-play titles don’t have defined endings, so there is no fixed goal except to survive and to make progress. Players get caught up in that they want to make a lot of progress, but they don’t have enough time. This limit is why such games don’t bore players.

Other games, for example ‘Geometry Dash’ and ‘Flappy Bird’, addict players because of their perceived simplicity. They look simple so when you lose, you blame your lack of skill and try again in a dogged effort to beat the level. The same happens when you play ‘Candy Crush’.

clash of clans

In short, mobile games are tricky. They use tricks to addict you. So there you have it; this is how mobile games are addictive. But a truly addictive game is Clash of Clans. Yes, I tried it and regret it. I got free Clash of Clans accounts. I tested to see what the big deal was. And now I’m paying money for the game. In short. AVOID.

Why buying fake followers at Twitter might not be a very good idea

by Admin on January 15, 2015

follow me on twitter jesus

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our lives. It is pertinent to have a prominent presence on Twitter and Facebook if you want to build a good brand for yourself or for the organization that you are running. As Bill Gates had famously said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

People are hooked on to the internet 24/7 and that is an immense potential for you to tap. If you already don’t have a twitter account managing the public profile for your business it’s high time that you start one. Apart from a Facebook page it is recommended that you have an active twitter account and use the hash tags appropriately to fan the interest of the consumers in your products. I know that would sound crass to you if you are a singer. But even for a musician who wants people to listen to their music we need to break things down to business terms if we want proper publicity and good end results.

Before you start, tell yourself that it would be difficult but fulfilling work. Unless the brand you represent has an established fan following it will become really hard for you to get a good number of followers on twitter within a short span of time. It is true that a twitter account with very less followers do not make a good first impression but that does not mean you should give in to the temptation of buying fake followers. There is nothing more rewarding than to know that some real people out somewhere have willingly opted to follow you. It does not matter if you have only a handful of them; take inspiration from the fact that you have real supporters and work to grow the number.

Although there are websites that help you to buy real twitter followers, most websites just supply a huge number of pre created fake followers for a paltry amount. I can give you a host of reasons for which getting a huge number of followers is not a good idea.

1. Fake followers might deter your real followers

There are many applications which offer to provide 10000 followers for as little as 10 dollars. That is dirt cheap. People often go for it without realizing that they are going to get followers in the form of idle twitter accounts which had been probably created in bulk with the help of a software tool. These accounts do not have any pictures or information and all they do is to help in making your account look like a scam account with some ulterior motive. Real people will find it fishy and might even refrain from subscribing to you.

2. Bots do not actually appreciate you

The fake followers are an unresponsive lot. They are not real people and they have no genuine interest about your tweets. They being bots cannot form any opinion and you cannot expect ripples of publicity started by them after you post an amazing tweet. While they do give you a feel good factor at first eventually you might end up feeling even more unappreciated than before.

  1. Mismatch in target audience

Sometimes software tools give you thousands of real followers but they are just random people living across the world with other important tasks at hand. Often they hail from a non English speaking country so your tweets are simply wasted on followers who do not even get what you are trying to say let alone form an opinion around it. You must always target to get followers who truly would love to follow you without any coercion or bribery.

  1. You might get banned

People sometimes get the fake followers thinking that their profile will look popular and this in turn will help them to gather real followers. But another potential risk is involved here. Twitter might actually notice this suspicious activity and ban you. In the worst case you could be banned for life. Twitter has no mercy for spam and malware and they are currently proceeding with law suits filed against different firms and individuals caught stepping on the wrong side of the law.

  1. No one should resort to being a despo

I admit that even some celebrities resort to such desperate means to climb up the popularity chart but that is no example to follow. It just means that their social media manager needs to be changed. There are tools available in the market which can actually analyze your list and predict what percentage is actually real people. Imagine a fan running such a scan on you and finding that you had to buy 80% of your followers. How desperate would that make you look?

  1. Do not pretend to be someone you are not

If you add a pretty picture of yourself sunbathing at an exotic beach, that might help you to get a certain number of followers. But these people are mostly shallow people with small attention spans. They do not have any interest in your work. You must build a profile that would properly showcase your true self. Unless you want to be in showbiz do not add unnecessary frills in your account. The real followers might get distracted.

follow me on twitter jesus

At the risk of using a cliché I must reiterate that there is no short cut to success. If you want a fancy account with genuine followers who would care about your tweets you should work hard on building your fan base. The results that take a longer time to reflect are often the ones that last for a life time. I am not averse to technology. You have every right to use the marketing strategies at your disposal to get the attention of people. In fact there are websites that tell you how to get more followers on twitter. Even though this is a paid service it is well worth the money. They would not create fake followers for you. Instead they would use their algorithms to find people who are interested in you and your services and get them to follow you.

Sometimes even a genuine person might get a few fake followers but that does not indicate them to be dishonest. There are so many bots out there that a few fakes are bound to slip in. You are alright if your account has more than 90% genuine followers.

There are people who have signed plump deals with people whom they have found over Twitter. You can do that too but you need to have patience. Market yourself aggressively, listen to the criticisms that come your way and work your way up. It is bound to pay off in the long term.